In below are my all-time favorite books. The related book notes (if there are) are listed.

Personal Development

The books by Robert Greene are my favorite, I have bought them all (on kindle, physical copy, and audio books). They are precious, timeless, and extreme entertaining. Please check them out.

  • The 48 laws of power (by Robert Greene)
  • Mastery (by Robert Greene)
  • The 50th law (by Robert Greene)
  • The art of seduction (by Robert Greene)
  • 33 strategies of war (by Robert Greene)
  • The laws of human nature (by Robert Greene)

Creative Work

  • Show your work (by Austin Kleon)
  • Steal like an artist (by Austin Kleon)
  • The war of art  (by Shawn Coyne)


  • Napoleon (by Andrew Roberts)
  • The history of civilization (by Will Durant)