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About me

I'm Zheng-Da He, currently a postdoc at Florida State University. My research interests are: first-principle simulation, electrode-electrolyte interface, machine learning in catalysis, and also designing workflows that can help us do research more efficiently.

If you want to know me better, you can follow me on these platforms: ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Linkedin. Other information about the my social media accounts you could find in here:

If you want to make a contact with me, here are all the possibilities (althought some of them may be easier than others): 1. Youtube: https://bit.ly/3sLepm5 2. Twitter: https://bit.ly/3wbKsh5…

If you want to drop an email, please use this email address: zhengdahe.electrocatalysis@gmail.com

Welcome to my personal website! Happy reading!